Shining a Light on Compassion

Shining a Light on Compassion: Join Us for the 'War Tails' Documentary Screening in London London, UK - We are excited to announce we will be hosting the private screening of "War Tails" scheduled for June in London - a documentary shedding the misconceptions about people taking their animals with them when

When the cows come home…

Our shelter shares space with the cows belonging to the owner of the land, and at milking time, there is much excitement at the shelter when the cows return to the yard from the fields.  Puppy Samson in particular loves to snuggle with the calves, he is so cute!!  ♥ [gdlr_video url="" ]

Saffy’s Emergency Treatment

Our precious little girl has been through so much. Originally found with the most extreme mange that left baldness and scars needing ongoing treatment - she waited years in rescue for a forever home which never came :'( and then 5 months ago the most wonderful Mum offered to foster her - a pensioner who

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