Our precious little girl has been through so much. Originally found with the most extreme mange that left baldness and scars needing ongoing treatment – she waited years in rescue for a forever home which never came :'( and then 5 months ago the most wonderful Mum offered to foster her – a pensioner who lives alone and dotes on her every need and who she adores <3

Yet fate decided she needed to endure more as she was rushed into emergency clinic very unwell. A scan revealed an unexplained huge spleen (splenomegaly) with her bloodwork so bad the vets thought she had tumors somewhere, yet were unable to find them on the scan because the spleen was obscurring everything so they decided to do exploratory surgery :'(

At the eleventh hour, we were dubious about the surgery, especially with her age at 10 years old, and felt we didn’t want to do it without giving the medications more chance to work, so we transferred her to another clinic, where they continued her therapy, with remarkable success, and she was allowed home with follow up medication.

Vets still don’t actually know what was wrong with her or the cause, yet for now, she is in good spirits and her spleen has reduced back to normal size.

We appealed recently for donations on social media to help Saffy and have received eight kind donations totalling £91 which we’re so grateful for. Her stay at the clinic has however left us with an enormous outstanding vet bill of £720 / 810 euros / $1010 yet we have spent every last penny we have getting our 9 puppies over to the UK so we are at our wits end :(

We understand that at this time of year, funds are often tight following the Christmas period and so whatever you can pledge would be much appreciated and will make a big difference.

Could you join these supporters and offer a donation to help Saffy? She’s now doing well yet we need your help to clear this bill in order that we can continue to help all the dogs who need our help every month and can only achieve this with the generosity of animal lovers who believe in what we do and join us in making a difference. Thank you so much for all your support ♥

Please if you can spare a little, please help us to help our precious girl. She deserves her happy ever after, with all that she has been through.

Thank you so much everyone, please Share to help Saffy!

Michelle & Jayne & Saffy