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K9 Rescue charity run a no-kill, kennel-free sanctuary, rehabilitating abused dogs ready for adoption or forever fostering within travelling distance of our base near Crymych, Pembrokeshire in West Wales.

It can sometimes take years for a traumatized dog to be able to integrate back into a family environment. Many times, dogs with a history of abuse find it difficult to cope with even the most insignificant experiences. With our 18+ years of experience working with abused dogs, when space allows, we are able to take these dogs, and provide them with a tranquil space where they can safely decompress at their own pace in a calm and serene environment.

There are many other wonderful formerly-feral dogs that are nearing the end of their rehabilitation at our sanctuary that could be fostered by families willing to put the time in to help them take the next step towards full integration into family life.

Our formerly-feral dogs are in various stages of rehabilitation, who would do incredibly well in an understanding home – these dogs are not yet comfortable walking on a lead and it’s not yet safe for them to leave the property, yet a home with a large secure garden in a peaceful setting away from busy towns or cities would be a great introduction to living in a family environment.

All of our dogs are raw fed for improved health and longevity and this is something we would like to see continued in their new home, as nutritionists advise the additives in processed pet food can interfere with normal thought processes and brain function, so for us, diet is an integral part of the rehabilitation process. For fostering, all food and vet bills are paid for by K9 Rescue, we just ask the foster carer to provide freezer space for their foster dogs’ raw food.

We also offer a Forever Foster Scheme for some of our older dogs or dogs with specific health issues, where their medical costs are prohibitive to them finding their forever home easily.  Please contact us for more information.

Due to the cost incurred in rescuing and rehabilitating all our dogs, we ask for an adoption donation of between £200-£350, according to their age, although concessions will be considered. Please see below for Our Adoption Process.

Our Adoption Process

The adoption process for our dogs is done on an individual basis depending on the needs of the individual dog; we do not have a set criteria as our only concern is that the dog is a good fit for that particular family, so that it is a permanent home for life. Our main concern is the future health and care of the dog, so we place less importance on the type of property you live in, or whether you drive, we place less importance on your age other than adopters must be at least 21 years or older, or whether you live on your own or with a family etc, yet we do care passionately about our dogs and our dogs future health and well being. We have invested heavily into the rehabilitation of our dogs, sometimes years of investment; both emotional and physical as well as financial, so it would break our hearts to see all of our hard work undone. We do this for the love of dogs, their future health and happiness is our reward.

The type of questions we ask during the adoption process are:-

  • If the dog falls ill or needs treatment, do you have a budget to afford to pay the vet bills, which can sometimes be costly?
  • If you are unable to pay for a particular treatment needed for your dog, will you be prepared to reach out to us for financial support?
  • Can we speak to your vet about any special needs of the dog if required?
  • Do you have the time to spend with a dog and give the dog lots of interaction and love that it needs?
  • If the dog has any issues, are you willing to invest your time with the dog to resolve those issues with our help and guidance?
  • Do you own or rent your home? You will be asked to provide proof of house ownership, or a landlord/council letter stating type and number of pet(s) allowed in your property.
  • Do you have a garden?  All of our dogs need a garden, as being former street dogs, they are not normally comfortable toileting on-lead.
  • All of our dogs have lived their whole lives in family groups in an open space, kennel free environment and it is therefore a shock for them to leave all that they know. For this reason, unless otherwise stated, we require adopters and fosterers to either have an existing resident dog if introductions go well, or adopt two dogs together.  Do you agree to this requirement?
  • Are you happy for us to visit you for a home check with your chosen dog?
  • Whenever possible, we prefer meetings with your chosen dog to take place in the proposed new home to help with familiarisation.  Are you willing to meet with your chosen dog as many times as it takes for your dog to get to know you before rehoming takes place, to ease any shock and stress of being suddenly uprooted to live in an unfamiliar place?
  • As a rawfeeding rescue, we ask that this diet is continued in the dogs’ new home as they really do love it and our 18 years of experience of feeding raw we have found that it promotes increased health and vitality. We provide full advice and support as standard for anyone who is new to rawfeeding dogs or holistic principles.  Are you happy to feed raw and learn holistic care from us?

We realise this list may seem daunting, and hope it does not offend anyone.  This list is borne from years of experience of rehoming former street dogs and all of the issues that have arisen whenever we deviate from our ideals.  We hope all potential adopters can understand that adopting a former street dog, with all of their past, is different to dogs that have been raised in the West, and it is with this in mind that we like to work with all of our adopters to help their dog settle into their new home.

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K9 Rescue charity run a no-kill, kennel-free sanctuary, rehabilitating abused street dogs originally from Eastern Europe for adoption within travelling distance of our base in West Wales