When our lovely friend Andrea Gamby-Boulger of Wetnose Animal Aid asked for our help to rescue a street puppy living on the beach where she was holidaying in Bulgaria, we didn’t hesitate to help.  Yet what should have been a simple case of collecting the puppy from the beach, turned into a massive hunt the length and breadth of the Black Sea coast…

We went to collect the 6 month old pup the following morning, yet she had completely disappeared along with several other beach strays.  Andrea was scheduled to fly back to the UK that morning, so despondently had to leave the pups rescue in our hands.

Our volunteers looked everywhere, asked all the hoteliers, no one knew where the dogs had gone.  Yet one of our volunteers, Kiri, was not so easily beaten, and she continued to search the pounds up and down the coastline, until finally, a whole 2 weeks later, Kiri found her in a castration centre, recovering from a spay surgery!

The chances of actually finding this pup, after such a time, were slim to none, yet this rescue was clearly meant to be, so we immediately whisked her away to a private kennels in Bulgaria for her to recover from her ordeal.

We have called her Gaia, after the Mother Earth Goddess, and she has blossomed into a very lovely, kind, confident youngster, totally befitting of her name

Every week we get requests from holidaymakers either in the beach or ski resorts of Bulgaria, asking us to rescue a poor soul that they have spotted injured or starving with intolerable suffering.  Yet with so many rescues already under our care, all we can usually do is recommend they do an emergency crowdfund for a stay in one of the various local private kennels and assist with the logistics of preparing for transport, the numbers of dogs in need of rescue are simply too vast.

Gaia is now currently on transport to rehoming kennels in the UK, and with Andrea and Wetnose very kindly sponsoring Gaia’s rescue, our valuable shelter funds have not been dented by Gaia’s kennelling fees and transport costs.  Such a lifeline is an incredible gift for Gaia and we really can’t thank Andrea and Wetnose enough for their incredible continued support! ♥

All of our rescues have endured abuse and heartbreak in their short lives and are so deserving of their chance – please help us to continue rescuing – all help is GREATLY appreciated – more than you know! Please help us to help them… thank you all! ♥

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