We wish to say a huge thank you to all you lovely souls who have helped Mimi build her shelter in time for winter ♥

As you know it was a race against time to get the shelter secure before the weather turned.  We’ve managed to create a small yard space, and even install much needed electricity for lighting during the winter months.

Winter has now set in and the first smattering of snow arrived, so the conditions are now too bad to do any more work until Spring (when we will continue with more improvements), as the access track to the shelter is thick mud.  We are now looking to buy a few hundred euros worth of straw for the winter, as the building is not fully draught proof, so we want to supply enough bales of straw to make small straw bale houses inside the shelter, so that the dogs can be snug through winter, and also have a kind of straw-bale-park to bounce around on! :)  The dogs haven’t got much, so this will be lovely for them to have as both entertainment and warmth! :) We look forward to sharing the photos of this once achieved, as we think they are going to love it!

Thank you so, so much to everyone who have helped our dogs, puppies, cats and kittens to be safe this winter! Miracles do happen and we are delighted to have turned a corner and are on the up!

The tears today are of happiness … thank you, thank you, thank you ….. love from us all xxxx ♥