Projects with Local Communities across Eastern Europe

We run projects with local communities in Eastern Europe and Ukraine that promote sustainable development for lasting change. Our projects range from spay/neuter programs, as well as advocating for improved animal welfare promoting bio-security in animal shelters to eradicate disease and supporting rescuers and grass roots animal shelters assisting with food, medical aid and emergency care, as well as advice and support on the rescue, care and rehoming of abandoned animals.

The Forgotten Dogs of Eastern Europe

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that there are more than 200 million stray dogs worldwide with 50 million of those street dogs estimated in Central and Eastern Europe.

For these forgotten dogs, life on the streets is brutal; dogs are seen as vermin, and with no, or only basic, animal protection laws, anyone can mistreat them without risk of penalty or imprisonment, so dogs are routinely faced with poisoning, beatings and torture as well as struggling to survive in a hostile environment with starvation and disease a reality or freezing to death or falling victim to being run over by a tram or car and sustain horrific injuries. Those that survive, suffer the most devastating post traumatic stress.

Our projects reflect the very real need for support in this region.  The Forgotten Dogs present an environmental disaster in the making, and highlight the issues communities have to deal with on a daily basis


Sterilization Project

Transforming Lives through Sterilization: Join our Trap Neuter Return (TNR) projects in Ukraine, dedicated to sterilizing and caring for stray dogs and cats. Help us reduce overpopulation and improve the lives of these animals. Support our efforts to create a healthier and more sustainable environment for all.


Freedom Shelter

The very first of our Cage Free Natural Shelter projects is in Ukraine, as with no Traces Compliance system in place for homeless animals, the EU borders are currently closed to homeless Ukrainian dogs and cats. Our Shelter Project will change this and enable the abandoned animals of War to be prepared for onward rehoming in Western Europe.


A Meal a Day for a Stray

K9 Rescue International works with independent rescuers in Northern Macedonia, helping to fund the street feeding stations for the feral dog and cat populations. Funds for food for winter in Macedonia are desperately needed - please help us provide the feed needed to keep this vital program going to feed the strays through winter

Change a life today

K9 Rescue charity operates in Eastern Europe and Ukraine working with local communities supporting initiatives that promote sustainable development, such as reducing stray populations in urban and rural areas