She stayed to help those that remain

Whilst delivering aid in Ukraine, mid may, when we were asked to go and drop off animal supplies to a vet in a town called Bucha – most of you will remember that name as it synonymous with the Russian war crimes committed by the 64th Rifle brigade.

She sent her children to Australia and her husband is currently (at the time of writing, serving with the Ukrainian army somewhere near Luhansk.

She stayed as the only medic left, not only to help the animals but tend to the people as well.

The Russians killed her dog that was trying to protect her and still she spat at them, they also shot her friend (the same sniper that was infamous at the time), and she narrowly got away with being shot herself.

A very brave lady who genuinely cares about the animals.

She was very grateful of the food we dropped off. She has/d birds and reptiles, but was looking after the street animals now and during the occupation.

I have to say that I feel very privileged to have met her.


Eastern Europe need our help, the amount of animals in need of care is growing exponentially and things need to change – and we have a plan.

Love and kindness are never wasted. They always make a difference. They bless the one who receives them, and they bless you, the giver.

We want to change the way animals are sheltered and transported across Europe, and this is not an insurmountable task, it just needs dedication – and that dedication is something we all can do at some level.

We have designed a radical new style of animal sanctuary, with the inclusion of an existing method of ‘bio-security’ but now applied to ‘companion animals’.

If we can build the first one in Ukraine then we can build them across Europe – we can be the change – all of us.

You can help, please donate what you can and/or spread the word – if we can get this message out to everyone, then we can do this – we can be the change.

Please see our Freedom Shelter Campaign for more information.


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Donate now to help abandoned dogs in need

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