With our shelter in Macedonia up a steep mountain track, the road becomes impassable in deep winter making getting food and veterinary supplies a treacherous journey for our devoted Mimi who cares for all the dogs there.

It’s as much as the municipality can do to clear the main village roads, there is no desire or budget to clear the mountain pass, and they do not care if the dogs live or die from starvation, so it is up to Mimi to struggle on foot the 2km through the snow to the shelter each day to ensure the dogs have food and water, yet it has been frought with difficulty has the water on site is frozen, so water has to also be carried.  Life it truly not easy for our heroine.

Before the worst of the weather hit, Mimi managed to rent a barn and yard down in the village for the youngsters who still need 3 meals a day, and they thought the deep snow was fine fun to play in!  Take a look at the fun they are having!…

[gdlr_video url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EZZ3gZNajAY” ]

During these harsh conditions, life for the street dogs and cats becomes even more difficult as finding food in the snow becomes impossible, so Mimi takes food to the many places they hide in abandoned buildings, building sites, cemeteries and edge of the forest to ensure they all have something to eat as they do not waste valuable reserves searching for food, and instead can keep their exposure to the icy conditions to a minimum and stay dry in their hiding places.

With so many animals needing rescue this is the best we can do while we endeavour to find resources to transport and rehome the rescues in our shelter, yet simply ensuring the homeless populations have food and water with somewhere to hide is critical to their long term survival.

Your ongoing donations and sponsorships enable us to continue this vital work and buy enough food for the many mouths needing to be fed each month. We are more thankful than words could ever say, and together we can make life just a little bit easier for the many homeless cats and dogs.

Heartfelt thanks to everyone who helps and supports us in every way – even a simple share of this article on social media, helps us in more ways than you can ever know ♥

Thank you so very much everyone ♥


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