Over the last 2 months our little Trooper Joshua has been having recurring infections around his old surgery wound, the site where his operation was performed to fix his little broken spine.

It seems that after all this time, his body had decided to reject his original surgery wires :/ We consulted a specialist who said to wait and see if antibiotics would clear up the infection and go from there. After 6 weeks we finally managed to overcome the infection BUT SADLY after a few days the old scar tissue started to open up again and the wires used to knit Joshua’s spine back together were clearly visable through the scar tissue :/

Suddenly time was of the essence and Joshua once again needed surgery to remove some of the surgical wires, before a new infection took hold :/

We have already spent £500 with new full body x-rays and all the treatments, so we really need help with his new surgery bill, as we are at rock bottom with all this unforeseen expense :/

PLEASE, PLEASE HELP if you can, we have £920 left to raise ($1145 usd / 1070 euro) and have so many critical care dogs and puppies in our care that we need you now more than ever <3

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Thank you so much
K9 Rescue & Joshua!

Follow Joshua’s progress on his very own Facebook page: www.facebook.com/LetsGetJoshuaWalkingAgain