Antonia was found as a homeless stray dog wandering around trying to find something to eat in the dumpsters suffering from a terrible old injury to her front leg…

Half of her leg was hanging on a small piece of skin, a huge swelling around the whole area, completely deformed due to the severe infection process which had been developing for weeks, probably originally as a result of a car accident.  There was an old bandage around the leg, as if someone had originally tried to help, yet it had actually made things much worse :/   She was immediately taken to our vet where all necessary tests were made. The results showed an enormously high level of white blood cell count, dehydration and she was very underweight showing that she must have been in this state for a long period of time alone and helpless on the street.

Antonia was literally days away from sure death as her whole leg was severely infected and the muscles completely atrophied. Initially, her hanging paw was removed with the stump cleaned and she underwent strong antibiotic and immune support therapy, fighting the infection for three long weeks under 24 hour vet care. As soon as the infection was finally under control, Antonia underwent an amputation surgery which was unfortunately unavoidable as no chance to save her leg.

At the moment Antonia is healing and recuperating from both the physical and mental ordeal she went through. She is a strong beautiful girl who is fighting to live, lucky to be rescued at the last moment.

Please help us raise the 600 Euros / £510 / $660 USD needed to cover her medical expenses that saved her life, the surgery, therapy and vet boarding

Antonia is now ready for foster BUT we need to pay her bill before she can leave the clinic… Can you help?


PLEASE, PLEASE help Antonia… thank you ♥

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