Little Busavko was found last month on the highway in Eastern Europe in this heartbreaking condition. Poor little mite had open sores and skin disease.

We took him immediately to our vet where his matted fur was cut away and he tested positive for demodicosis mange mite.  His general condition was consistent with Leishmaniasis and sadly a test proved positive with a very high titer.  He also had difficulty urinating, so fearing renal disease as one of the possible consequences of Leishmaniasis, several examinations were done – blood was taken to test the kidneys and liver and his urine was tested. X-rays were also made inserting contrast in the bladder which showed that the bladder’s integrity had been compromised with some sediment and crystals in the bladder, which thankfully our vet managed to resolve quickly with therapy and vitamin C.   The vet also started daily baths and medication for both the demodex and the Leishmaniasis, yet with this condition, his recovery will be slow and lengthy, as whilst Leishmaniasis is not curable, it is controllable in most cases yet it makes treatment of the demodex much more difficult. Busavko will most likely have to stay in the clinic for many months as it is too cold now for him to go to the shelter without any fur, so his hospitalisation costs are going to be considerable.

Please, please help us to help this adorable little man and give him the safe, loving life they all deserve so much.

We can’t do any of this without you, if you can, please help us with Busavko’s medical and hospitalisation costs, thank you!

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Thank you all for everything you do to give these dogs a life of love and safety!

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