A few months ago we were asked to help one of the sweetest little dogs ever. His life had been appalling. Loved from a little one, he then lost this love. He then found new love (or so it was thought) but they abandoned him on the street. Another family was found for him but he was again let down, he was not looked after and his health had deteriorated terribly. Roshko is an adorable little man, he needed help and we could not refuse him in his time of need.

Roshko was taken to our clinic to have his skin disease and painfully matted fur treated. It should have been a simple process, with a new home promised within a month. However, our vets found he had difficulty walking and further tests showed that he had “floating knee caps” called luxating patella. He needed surgery to replace both knees to live a pain free and happy life, a life he has been robbed of during his 8yrs. Roshi has now had the surgery he needed to both knees yet such surgery is not cheap and his vets bill is huge and we really are in trouble now with being able to pay his costs.

AND now, our little man has been offered a wonderful loving foster care in the UK but we can’t travel him until we pay his vet bills and also raise his 275 euro transport costs.

Please READ the initial letter we received below, a letter from the heart, a letter from Roshko pleading for help!! Now we are pleading for your help with our wonderful little guy… Roshko’s clinic bill is a massive 2420 euros (£1925 / $3125) and we are now in desperate trouble to pay it… but what price Roshko’s life and future happiness?


Thank you so much from K9 Rescue and Roshko ♥

This is the letter we received from Roshi’s original rescuers, a letter of desperation….
Roshko was seemingly born under a lucky star like most of the pure-breed dogs (he is a Bulgarian Bolognese). He had a nice home, a loving family and happy life. But one day his owners understood that they will become parents and they thought that Roshko would be a trouble for the baby. Although they decided to abandon their loyal friend, they tried to find him another home and a person to take care of him. In his new home Roshko realized that his lucky star has gone out – his new owner left him on the street…and that was the beginning of his harsh life. No one really knows what it feels like growing in a sweet home with special care, good food and loving friends and after that to be abandoned on the streets without soft bed, food, water, cheerful plays and with lots of enemies but Roshko does. People from the neighborhood used to give him leftovers and old bread while he was standing in front of the entrance of his new owner’s building… day after day after day… People never knew how he was dealing with the harsh life, where he was hiding from the freezing cold in the winter and from the unbearable heat in the summer… and how he stood the empty, lonely and depressing days and nights. We met Roshko and fell in love with him because we saw the beautiful, friendly and good dog hiding under the heavily clotted fur. From that day on we started feeding and taking care of him on the street whenever it was possible for us. We often noticed that he was beaten and tortured by bad people and probably also by other neighborhood dogs.
We were determined to find him the wonderful home he deserves. We posted his story and photos on Facebook without much of a hope. But few months later a girl sent us a message asking about Roshko. She said she loved him the first time she saw his picture and she wanted to give him a forever home and love (she also had a Bolognese a while ago). We thought about it, asked her many questions and agreed him to be adopted by her. We were sure it is a right decision and we were very happy that he would spend the end of the winter in a warm home full of new loving friends. So Roshko got another home.
Just a week after, the adopter called me with bad news… Roshko was gone! This was the first time we told ourselves “Maybe giving the cares of Roshko to this girl wasn’t such a good idea…” Luckily, after a couple of days Roshko was found and our nightmare was over. We decided we would give the adopter girl another chance with Roshko. We regularly spoke in skype and everything seemed to be going very well.

Later we went to Roshko’s new home to see how he doing. Unfortunately, the picture we saw was devastating for us… The promises that the adopter gave weren’t kept at all. Roshko wasn’t sleeping in her own room as she promised, she and her parents closed him in the wood-house outside the house – out there in the dirt, locked like a prisoner… He has gotten so skinny that we hardly recognized him. She admitted that she hasn’t treated him against inner and outer parasites, etc. And on top of it all I read the fear in his eyes every time he saw the girl’s father… Roshko looked miserable and unhappy. That left us heart-broken and after we left the house we started thinking how to get him out of there… We and Roshko are hoping that his bitter fortune will turn into a story with a happy ending. Please help us.

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