Hello dear friends, we have once again been asked to help a Mammy and her baby who were in an horrendous situation.

We named them Mamma Poppy and Baby Opal.

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We received a call from a very worried lady, she said that 2-3 weeks ago Poppy had appeared in the area from nowhere. The lady had noticed an injury to her leg and something unknown to her in the area of the stomach, she thought it was a male dog with some problem with his penis and had been desperately trying to find a shelter to help. Then to her surprise Poppy gave birth.

Poppy was living in a hole surrounded with bushes and although being fed by the lady was deteriorating fast. We sent help immediately. It was difficult to get to her but we did, we pulled and managed to get her out of the hole. It was awful, flies all over her, smelly dirty garbage everywhere, one dead puppy next to her.

Miraculously one baby was alive laying beneath Poppy, baby Opal. Poor Poppy was so weak and dehydrated she couldn’t even stand up.

As you can see on the photos Poppy has a terrible wound from a rope tied on her front leg, there were maggots from the flies and she had maggot eggs almost all over her body, Poppy also has a large tumor and one smaller on two of her breasts which urgently need surgery.

On further examination it was discovered that baby Opal had a wound on her back which contained maggots as well. It is a miracle they were alive at all :/

Sadly vets diagnosed pneumonia and baby Opal did not survive :’/  We have to wait a few days before doing surgery on Poppy, as we need to get her strength up first if she is to have any hope of surviving the anesthetic and rigors of surgery.

Funds are needed URGENTLY for Poppy’s surgery, a high quality diet to speed healing and also CV247 for the cancer (the CV247 is 400 euros alone).. PLEASE help we need at least 800 euro’s to cover the costs of her surgery, medical, dietary needs and aftercare.

Thank you in advance Love Mamma Poppy.

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