Hello dear friends,
Yesterday we had an URGENT plea from the heart asking us to help a sweet, young dog living on the hostile streets of Bulgaria. We want so much to help him yet we are actually on a financial knife edge at the moment and for us to save him we need your help. We need help towards kennelling, transport across Bulgaria to Sofia and travel preparation costs URGENTLY.

Please take time to read the letter below and I am sure you will see why we simply can’t ignore this beautiful young dog. Please help!

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I am taking the time to contact you about a wonderful dog that is living here in Bulgaria, because he desperately needs a safe home in the UK.
I am originally from the UK but I also have a place here in Bulgaria.
My hope is that you may be able to help or you know of someone that could help get this very sweet boy away from Bulgaria and to a safe home in the UK.
Firstly I must say we have two rescue dogs ourselves, so it is not possible for us to take this lovely boy on.
By we try and do what we can for him, such as giving him food and water when we can, closing him in our communal car-park when we can to keep him safe, but it is far from ideal, as other people let him out on the streets and then there are other people here who don’t like dogs.
He spends his time walking around the streets with his head and tail hung low as though he is always going to be in trouble for something or as though he is saying ‘please don’t hurt me’.
Because he is bigger than other dogs he gets bullied, people make noises at him, stamp their feet at him or throw stones, scare him into the road and we have even seen a car deliberately steering into him whilst he walked close to the curb.
We can only report about the incidents where we have seen him bullied but sadly there will be many more incidents that we don’t even know about. (we can tell this because he obviously spends a lot of time on his own, this is when he is most vulnerable and always walks around very uncomfortable like he is expecting something bad to happen)
But considering he is treated so bad, he has nothing but kindness and love to give out and that is what he always shows us.
It just so sad to see the way he uncomfortably wanders along the streets and moves his body, as though he is trying to be invisible but he must put himself in these uncomfortable situations and venture further afield in order to survive.
When he see’s us or other dogs he always submissive, he falls to the floor and rolls upside down. He is so happy to receive some much needed love and tickles from us.
I worry about this dog all the time as some people that live in this town make up false complaints about the dogs to get the council to take them away, they pick on the medium to large size dogs.
We have witnessed it before and sadly and unfairly a friendly and playful dog lost his life earlier this year here because of false complaints made (simply because he was big) and we couldn’t bare that to happen to him too.
He is a very gentle, innocent, friendly and loving dog who’s only wish is for people to treat him with kindness.
And having myself taken on two strays before I know he would be easily adoptable.
Our wish for this boy is to find him a safe home in the UK where he is no longer in danger, he no longer cowers or walks along with his tail and head hung low but rather stands tall and proud, a home where he is loved, this is the only way that his true colours will ever shine and he will become the proud, confident and stunning dog he should be.
Now the harsh and cold winter is on its way here, its even worse, as especially for dogs like him, its a real hard struggle to survive.
Thanks for taking the time to read this and I look forward to your reply and any help that you can give for him.
Best Regards,

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