Last month we received an URGENT PLEA for help regarding a tiny puppy we named Ebony, who had just been hit by a car on a busy road. Of course the driver didn’t stop, even though it appears from her injuries that she was dragged along the asphalt :’/

Poor sweet little one had serious leg and skin injuries but has now had all the treatment she needs and is doing incredibly well.

Sadly, due to the summer downturn, her fundraiser at the time went nowhere and we now desperately need to pay the vet bill of 400 euros for her surgery, hospitalisation and aftercare, plus a further 300 euros for her transport to the UK, as darling Ebony now has the offer of a really lovely forever home!

PLEASE, PLEASE HELP as we want to get her out of the clinic and into her FOREVER, loving home and the family this poor little mite so deserves after everything she has gone through in her short life.

Thank you in advance love little sweetheart Ebony!

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