We have mixed news for Mimi’s shelter in Macedonia – thanks to all of you, our incredible supporters, we’ve managed to raise an amazing total of just under 1500 euros towards the shelter build, but now Mimi has run out of food again, so we are in a never ending battle for her :(

The good news is that the roof is on, and the building is secure!

The bad news is that the eviction deadline has passed so the dogs have had to be moved into the shelter half built as it is, with no money for fencing, so they are in the dark building 24/7 with no chance of proper daylight from the one small window and the contractor won’t do any more work until he is paid the further 1000 euros he is owed, so poor Mimi is beside herself with worry and sadness for the dogs :(

Please see below for some latest photos of what has been achieved so far – any help you can give, would be so gratefully received by her and the dogs. We are now in a panic, as the weather has turned this week and is now against us, and being in the mountain, it won’t be long before the snow is upon us also – so we should also be stocking up on a winter supply of straw, which is impossible when our small income is being stretched in so many directions :(

We have found an old cow shed and paddock – we have now cleared the cow shed and rebuilt walls where needed and the new roof has been put on, yet the whole paddock still needs new fencing to make it secure.

Winter comes early in the mountain regions and time really is paramount for work to be completed.

One of the biggest problems facing all the rescues in Macedonia, is not just the lack of money. It is the complete and utter lack of any form of a sterilisation program, as NGO’s who attempt to do it, are refused a licence by the government. As a result, the tide of puppies being born is never ending. Mimi has been trying to sterilise the most active females but now with her vet bill debt so high, the vet is refusing to perform any more sterilisations for her, so she is fighting a losing battle, and with her big heart, she is taking in as many puppies as she can, and feeding the ones she can’t – she now needs a ton of food per month just to keep everyone fed, on top of all her other bills.

Just to give everyone an idea of what a lone rescuer like Mimi is facing, and why we are trying to help her as much as we possibly can, this is her current financial situation:-

  • Vet bill 750 eur debt
  • Food – around 750eur old debt and around 500eur monthly order
  • Shelter – 1000eur debt out of a total of 2500eur for building the roof from scratch and shelter floor and the walls – a further 500 euros is still needed for fencing which they won’t do until the debt is paid.
  • Rent of old shelter and yard – 500 eur debt

Obviously this is not a sustainable situation and we are at a loss as to know how to help more. Mimi has dedicated her life to saving the neediest street dogs and cats – she has no home or family of her own and is the purest, most selfless person we have ever met in rescue – she has no ego and does not seek admiration or words of heroism from anyone; the love of the dogs is enough for her and as a result she does not market herself at all or put her work out there to receive adequate funding, hence why we are trying to help.

[gdlr_video url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FZX4lqd8OnE” ]
We really wish we could wave a magic wand for her, and give her a massive financial hug so that she can keep doing her wonderful work without all the financial worry and hardship.

Can you help?

If you do nothing else at all today, please share our appeal, to give these beautiful dogs and cats a better chance of sponsors and shelter.

PLEASE WILL YOU HELP? Any amount, no matter how big or small will be very much appreciated ♥

Thank you so much for your kindness everyone ♥