WE’RE GETTING THERE!! Thanks to everyone’s amazing support we’ve managed to raise an incredible 1000 euros, a third of our target, towards the new shelter build.

We now have just 20 days left to finish building kennel space and a fenced exercise area and relocate to the new site ready for the harsh winter that will not be long coming.

We’ve got most of the site cleared now, and most of the block work done and the roof timbers, with the actual roof still needing to be done and of course the fencing which is a big cost.

We have 50 dogs, puppies, cats and kittens in our care in Macedonia, and they are all in desperate need of their new accommodation by the end of October. After all the abuse and hardship they have each been through, they now know love and need a safe haven while they wait for their chance of a loving family in a forever home; homes they wholeheartedly deserve.

We have found an old cow shed and paddock – we have now cleared the cow shed and rebuilt walls where needed and the new roof has been started, yet the whole paddock still needs new fencing to make it secure.

Winter comes early in the mountain regions and time really is paramount for work to be completed in time.

WE BEG you please to help us before we face the risk of them being back on the streets; lonely, hungry and in dire straits once again.

We still need to raise a FURTHER €2000 Euros ($2355 / £1790) for Phase 1 of this project: to finish clearing the site, put on a new roof and erect secure fencing around the perimeter.

PLEASE WILL YOU HELP? Any amount, no matter how big or small will be very much appreciated ♥


PLEASE, PLEASE help us ♥