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We will not rest until animal cruelty, suffering & abandonment ends

Every moment counts

As the increasingly desperate humanitarian crisis in the conflict zones of Ukraine deepens, the animal crisis in the region continues to unfold. Millions of family dogs and cats, left behind as their owners fled or rendered homeless due to bombings, now wander the streets, searching for their lost families, confused and bewildered, not equipped with the survival instincts of their feral counterparts, commonplace in many Eastern European countries.

Help Them Today

Our War Animal Aid & Evacuation Relief Project

Since the onset of the war in Ukraine, our team has been on the ground, tirelessly working to aid the millions of animals suddenly displaced by the turmoil, offering urgent assistance by providing vital resources, essential feed, emergency veterinary care and facilitating their evacuation to safer regions as well as helping the local communities affected by the conflict.

Our dedicated team are deeply passionate about animal welfare and remain committed to working relentlessly on the frontlines of this crisis. Through our efforts, we aim to make a positive impact on the lives of these suffering traumatized animals, helping them find safety and relief amidst the chaos of war.

Our Frontline Feeding Programme is specifically dedicated to getting aid to the conflict areas of Ukraine to reach those most in need. Feed is purchased in addition to the aid that is collected and shipped out to Ukraine, for distribution where it is most needed.

How you can help

Our work is only made possible by donations from animal lovers like you. Your support can come in various forms, including monetary donations and monthly sponsorships to fund fuel to deliver vital supplies as well as medical care for the animals in need. Gathered donations of animal supplies directly to our collections point in either Horsham, UK, or our partner warehouse with the WACI Foundation in Medyka, Poland, are also gratefully received for onward transport to our Warehouse in Ukraine, or alternatively supplies can be purchased through our Amazon Wishlist.

Additionally, you can help by spreading awareness about our cause on social media, or perhaps hold one of your own fundraising events or sponsor-a-thon… every contribution, big or small, plays a crucial role in our mission to provide emergency aid and relief to the animals affected by the conflict in Ukraine. Join us in making a positive impact on the lives of these vulnerable animals and helping us continue our vital work in the region.

Together, we’re making a positive impact for animals in need. Join us in this vital mission and help us bring hope and relief to the most vulnerable – thank you!

Change a life today

Ever since the first animal shelters opened in the 19th Century, dogs and cats have been housed in cages.  Our open-space natural shelter concept is based on cage free housing because dogs and cats are social animals.