Some of you will have spotted Tyra at the ARS Shelter during the filming of our Borko Campaign 4 Change documentary in June. Tyra was found by our friends at ARS in January this year, with a horrific open wound on her front leg, a kind of chronic skin rot due to auto-immune disease. A biopsy was taken which showed she had a micro-organism eating through the flesh, which should normally be dealt with by the dog’s own immune system. Yet despite intensive treatment with various antibiotics, the open wound persisted, permanently deforming her leg. With 500+ dogs to feed and care for, ARS have limited resources that can not be spared for the diagnostics and treatment of such a chronic condition so we offered to take her to our special needs clinic to run more tests and start alternative treatment.

At our clinic we took X-Rays which showed a loss of bone density in her leg due to possible bone disease, which in turn caused an inflammation of the skin causing it to rot.  The alternative diagnosis is that there was a wound on the skin, and the infection of the wound damaged the bone, yet either way, we have several issues to resolve – both bone and skin inflammation as well as auto-immune.  Other tests were inconclusive, so for the last 6 weeks she has been receiving anti-inflammatories and homeopathy together with CV247, a supplemental medicine developed by a British vet.

And now, we have some good progress to show everyone … her wound is very nearly healed, and she will very soon be ready to find  her new family!  Tyra is very friendly, loving calm and docile dog, she loves attention and is very good with other animals.  She will be such a great addition to any family home … she just needs someone to give her a chance …. will it be you?  Please contact us if you would like to offer sweet Tyra a home!

Please also help us if you can with sweet Tyra’s clinic costs, we would be very, very grateful. After 6 weeks of treatment, Tyra’s costs are now considerable and without your help we are struggling.

Thank you from K9 Rescue and Tyra ♥

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