Thank you WetnoseA truly massive thank you to Gavin and Andrea Gamby-Boulger at Wetnose Animal Aid who came to our own aid this month and very generously donated £1000 to help clear some of our outstanding vet and kennelling bills – little Roshi here who you may remember was rescued from Seslavtsi Pound during our Borko media trip with Wetnose says ‘thank you so much Wetnose’ for paying off all my bills!!

K9 Rescue have endured an 85% drop in donations since the summer and with the world’s attention now focussed on the atrocities in Romania, we have never recovered.  With our monthly running and vet costs in the thousands, every cent donated is invaluable to us and gifts like this one from our friends at Wetnose are such a lifeline, we really can’t thank Gavin and Andrea enough for their continued incredible support!  ♥

All our dogs have endured such abuse and heartbreak in their short lives and are so deserving of their chance – please help us to continue rescuing difficult cases such as Joshua, Lori, Lucky, Cinderella, Peaches and so many others – Any help would be GREATLY appreciated – more than you know! Please help us to help them… Thank you all!  ♥