Teddy is a really lovely dog that was hit in the jaw really hard, we are not really sure what happened, yet based on the nature of her injuries we think someone either kicked her or threw a heavy object at her.

The right side of poor Teddy’s upper jaw was badly injured; broken bone, broken teeth and lacerated gums which were causing great pain. Our volunteer took her for emergency surgery where the injured area was cleaned and stitched up by our vet where she is now being boarded for around a month at the clinic as she has to eat soft food only and be monitored.

It’s unlikely Teddy would have survived if we’d not found her when we did, as she was unable to eat.

With our vet bills mounting ever higher and higher we desperately need funds to pay for her trauma surgery and hospitalisation.

Please can you help us make this sweet, innocent little girl well again.

Thank you so much love Teddy!

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