It’s been nearly a year since we rescued our beautiful, all loving boy Jordan. Initially his injuries were thought to be not too bad BUT then time after time disaster struck for him. Firstly our gorgeous boy had to have his front leg amputated as it was too badly decayed to be saved. Then, and as he was recovering from the amputation, his life was once again in the balance for the second time as a life threatening tick borne disease developed, needing several blood transfusions and intensive care. Then once he was stabilised, lesions formed on his eyes as a secondary stage of the disease, and it was feared he would lose his sight. Yet throughout all these life saving battles, Jordan was always a sweet total inspiration, he always remained loving and thankful for the love and attention he was receiving. He never complained even though he had to go through so much.

Now after all this time his chance has come, he has been offered love and a foster home in the UK, BUT before he can start his journey to a new life we need to pay the remainder of his extensive clinic and kennelling bills. Despite trying to raise money for Jordan’s treatment at the time, his bills were just too high and we were never able to raise enough and now we also need to clear Jordan’s kennel costs for the last few months. To clear clinic, kennelling plus Jordan’s transport costs, we need to raise a massive £890 (€1113 / $1515)

PLEASE, PLEASE help us get our sweet, adorable boy Jordan home and loved forever, he deserves this and we are desperate to get him into the life and home we have always prayed we would find for him.

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Thank you so much from K9 Rescue and Jordan ♥

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