Rina was found in January 2013 unable to walk with multiple gunshot wounds on the streets of Bulgaria. She was “rescued” by someone who, with good intentions, kept her in a small box, on thin urine soaked carpet, with untreated wounds, which festered and pressure sores developed into deep painful decubitus ulcers, so much so, that Rina chewed one of her wounded legs, presumably due to the pain and irritation, which then became gangrenous.

We were alerted to Rina’s terrible case 2 months ago on 22nd March, and of course took her immediately. Her chewed gangrenous leg was not able to be saved and had to be properly amputated and all but one of the bullets were removed – she still has one bullet lodged in her spine. Yet, Rina remained very sad, with no real will to live.

That was until she was given the gift of life with one of Borko’s Legacy Carts, donated by the wonderful Marlen in Switzerland! ♥ Now Rina is enjoying life again, and with her wounds and ulcers all now healed, she is ready for her new forever home.

If you can help us with the 180 euro cost to get her to her new life, or help us with her outstanding clinic bill, please click on the Donation Link below, thank you! ♥


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