Street Puppies in Peril3 month old street puppy Bona ventured out of the puppy den and was promptly crushed by a car.  She was left in the gutter for days, being kicked and stoned by cruel people who dislike the street dogs.

Imagine being hit by a car and miraculously surviving only to SUFFER FOR DAYS while those around you are intent to inflict more pain on you while you lie helpless.

X-Rays were taken which revealed the extent of Bona’s horrific injuries… multiple fractures to legs, ribs… and much worse, a punctured lung. Bona has had one surgery so far, but she needs a second surgery and she NEEDS YOU to join us to make it possible!

Bona is currently in intensive care and if she makes it through this critical stage she has a very good chance of having a great life, but we need your help.

Such are the extent of the injuries to her tiny body, it is a miracle she survived at all. PLEASE HELP US TO HELP BONA and provide her with the happy, safe life she deserves. 



Street Puppies in PerilMeanwhile, 5 month old street puppy Sofi was also hit by a car and sustained a broken front leg. She was not found immediately, so the injury became more complex yet thankfully for Sofi, a kind lady eventually discovered her and brought her to us.

Sofi is now receiving the specialist surgery she needs, as her condition is also complicated due to the position of the break, yet we are hoping that it is not too late for Sofi’s leg to heal properly so she can start to enjoy life as every puppy should. 


Street Puppies in PerilSweet 6 month old street puppy Billy, also hasn’t had much luck.  Spotted on the streets by a dog patrol unit, he was taken to an Isolator, where dogs of all ages and size are housed altogether with very little, if any food, provided for them, and as often happens, he was set upon by much bigger dogs.

This poor sweetheart suffered horrific bites to his face and torso, yet fortunately, his screams were heard by one of the animal activists who keep an eye on these facilities for acts of cruelty, and she just managed to get him out in time.

Billy has had his multiple wounds cleaned and stitched and is now on the road to recovery.  He will remain in the clinic for a few more weeks, to ensure infection does not set in and then can hopefully find a loving home somewhere in Europe.

And IT NEVER ENDS! Every day we come face to face with yet another life and death situation — usually caused by man’s cruelty, ignorance or indifference.   Please help us cover their medical and hospitalization bills so that we can help as many as possible.

It costs on average 1500 euros (£1100 / $1700) to rescue, kennel, prepare, spay/neuter, rehome and transport critical cases like Bona, Sofi and Billy to a family in Europe.

By donating today you could help rescue puppies Bona, Sofi and Billy and others like them to give them the safe new life of happiness with a loving family that they all deserve.



Thank you all for everything you do to give these dogs a chance at happiness and helping us to make dreams come true!

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