This poor dedicated mother, had nowhere to call home. Just days before she was due to give birth she was dumped in the hot, humid, hostile streets of Bulgaria with no food or even source of water.

This is the sad reality of life for dogs in Bulgaria. Yet, with your help, this one mother and her 8 pups now have a chance.

We urgently need money for food and medical expenses – mom was desperately malnourished and she needs high quality food and care if she is to raise healthy pups.

It will cost just $3 per day to feed her the quality meals she needs – or less if we feed a lower grade food.

Once the pups are old enough we will also need to raise $1,500 to transport them to their new lives in Germany.

Please give as much or as little as you can – literally every dollar will count. All funds raised will pay for food, medical bills, Mom’s sterilisation and the whole family’s rehoming abroad when they are old enough.

Thank you!