Remember Toto?, our angel community dog who was beaten, hanged and left to die in January…. well since, then, Toto has done incredibly well – the neurological damage and ataxia that he suffered from the abuse has been fully restored so he can now walk normally again.

Sadly, however, there wasn’t much improvement to his eyes, yet thanks to an amazing offer of a home from a kind family in the UK, Toto arrived into the UK last month so that we could get him an assessment with a specialist ophthalmologist.  After a thorough examination and ultrasound of both eyes, the news wasn’t good however.

The diagnosis was that due to the severity of the abuse, both retinas have become detached, and the specialist advised surgery is not an option, so poor sweet Toto will remain blind forever :'(

We will of course continue with homeopathy via our holistic veterinarian, just in case it can help, although the reports on this particular type of injury are mixed, we will endeavour to help him however we can.

Yet, the news is not all bad for sweet Toto, he now has a dream family, who already love and cherish him…. so his life and future happiness is secure at last :)