Borko’s Media Tour of Seslavtsi Isolator in Sofia gave one little boy an unexpected break. During the filming, our Michelle spotted little Roshi coughing in the corner. The resident vet explained that despite 3 courses of anti-biotics and anti-inflammatories, the cough persisted and without diagnostic facilities they could not help him further. So, as soon as a space became free in our clinic, Michelle went straight back to collect the little fellow who was so excited to be finally free he couldn’t stop wagging his tail! ♥

He responds to the name ‘Roshi’, meaning messy hair, a common name in Bulgaria for this type of dog in Bulgaria and he has obviously been a home dog as he is so friendly and in particulaar rushes excitedly after people who are all of a certain appearance, as if looking for his lost family.

And now, in our clinic, without treatment he has stopped coughing and his medical exam reveals no health problems except for some inflamed skin, so it’s possible the coughing problem was environmental – we are going to do a chest x-ray just to be sure however.

So, little adorable Roshi is available for immediate adoption as he has already been neutered and vaccinated at Seslavtsi. He is currently an underweight 10kg, so should be around 12kg when fully healthy.

If anyone would like to adopt or foster the adorable Roshi, please contact us! Thank you ♥

And if anyone would like to help us with little Roshi’s clinic costs we would be very, very grateful. Our costs are rising by the day and without your help we are struggling.

Thank you from K9 Rescue and Roshi ♥

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