Remember Lizzy? The beautiful little mum found holed up in the grounds of a hotel with a critically injured eye, still caring for her 2 pups? Well, we have GREAT NEWS, Lizzy has a forever home waiting for her, and her two puppies Robbie and Chara have the chance to go with her into foster care!

And now, we have been offered a last minute transport THIS WEEK if we can raise the 350 euros needed for their fare.

In these difficult times to be offered a foster home and transport is a rare but very short opportunity and we need help quickly.

Can anyone help us get these 2 sweet babies to their new lives?  This is an amazing chance to make a fairy tale ending for Lizzy and her pups…. please help!

Thank you so much, from
K9 and Robbie & Chara! ♥

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