My name is Aaron, maybe many of you remember me but for those that don’t this is my story and rescue photos below…

A year ago I was trying to survive on the cruel, lonely streets of Bulgaria. I am a very loving Husky mix, I don’t know exactly what happened to me but I know I was loved once and then abandoned.

Whilst I tried to live alone on the street I developed a serious skin condition that made be very unhappy and sore, I was constantly in pain and had to scratch myself but this gave me open sores which bled all the time.

Then another cruel blow hit me, I was run over and my back leg was severed, leaving my bone exposed. I wandered the streets still hoping someone would love me and look after me but who would want a scabby, bleeding dog with only three legs?

Then some kind people saw me. I was finally seen as a beautiful boy and not just as an ugly outcast. My life was given a chance, so I was driven a long way to a clinic and treated for my skin and my severed leg. I was so happy to be safe, warm and loved and just couldn’t stop kissing everyone at the clinic. I have since waited a whole year for a home because once again nobody wanted me.

THEN all of a sudden a lovely lady saw me and she has decided she wants me to live in her home! I have a HOME at last but yet again I have a problem…

My rescuers tried to raise money for my clinic treatment but were never able to raise enough, there is also my kennel costs for the last few months to clear and my transport to my foster Mammy in the UK. To clear clinic, kenneling and my transport my rescuers, K9, need a massive £920

Sadly I have always seemed to be the invisible dog that has passed everyone by… yet I am not invisible, I am Aaron, a dog who has suffered so much, a dog who just loves everyone I meet.

Please can you make me happy for the rest of my life? PLEASE can you help me be the waggy tailed, beautiful boy that everyone sees and wants to help?

Thank you so much from K9 Rescue and Aaron ♥


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