A few weeks ago we were told about an elderly Labrador/mix girl who was in a dreadful state. We were totally appalled and heart broken at her condition.

She has lived alone in one place for many years yet we do believe she was owned at one time and used for breeding, then dumped on the street. Either because of her age or because she developed demodex mange, a stress and low immune skin condition.

We decided to help her and take her to safety, a vet check showed that this little old lady Mama was pregnant again, and the pregnancy too advanced for a safe and ethical termination.

Mama was happy at our refuge but suddenly one day she went missing, leaving us all devastated. The search for her over the last week was fruitless, she just couldn’t be found.

Then miraculously yesterday morning Mama made her way back to her refuge and immediately found a safe but tiny space under a caravan and started to give birth.

What a clever girl, she knew her and her babies would be safe there.

Mama now has seven beautiful babies and they all need our and your help, as their health will undoubtedly be compromised due to their Mama’s poor condition and lack of nourishment.

Thank you so much everyone!

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