We have some great news! Gladys has the incredible chance of Adoption with a lovely family in Bulgaria!! Gladys’ story is sadly a typical one in Bulgaria… used as a ‘puppy factory’ then when her emaciated body began to suffer from the toll, and she became ill from skin disease, her ‘owners’ brutally discarded her, by literally throwing her from their speeding car….

Fortunately for Gladys however, a kind lady saw her being thrown from the car and contacted us. Gladys has now spent 3 months in our clinic receiving treatment for severe demodex mange, ringworm, malassezia, and deep pyodermia. Now she is fully recovered and her coat is starting to regrow yet her medical and clinic boarding bill is enormous at 1000 euros :-/

So, before Gladys can be adopted, we must clear this mammoth bill and we need your help to do it!!

Please, please help us – donations are at an all time low with the economic downturn, so every cent donated is very much appreciated!

Thank you from K9 Rescue and Gladys ♥

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