Save Disabled Borko AGAIN!…

This is happening AGAIN, NOW, on 6th August 2015. The Mayor has restarted the eviction campaign, but this time is seeking a court order for removal of the dogs only, not Dr Litov, based on the fact that Dr Litov lives in a Government owned Doctors house.

Dr Litov, Borko, Danny, Jacko, Little Borko and Galka desperately need our help again URGENTLY.

Borko and his canine family are going to seized and forcibly removed from their home to a Dog Isolator where death is common on 6th August 2015 unless we ACT NOW!

Please sign the Petition and Share Urgently…


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UPDATE: 11 September 2015 International Pressure is Working!!

Dr Litov and Borko have had another stay of execution as the Court ruled that this new eviction order, issued by the mayor of Devin was unlawful and therefore not enforceable. He’s now got to wait for the another Court hearing regarding the municipal order of seizure of parts of the surgery and the dogs at the surgery. Meanwhile, as of today, the rogue Mayor of Devin is under a formal police investigation at Chief Public prosecutor’s request, for corruption, harassment and abuse of power. This investigation is a result of the Mayor’s ongoing personal vendetta against Borko and his family and the unprecedented international support that they received. The Public prosecutor’s office are inundated with angry letters from people all over the world, requesting justice to be served. Let’s not forget that it is local election time now in Bulgaria and the mayor of Devin – Cvetalin Penkov is once again promoted by the Bulgarian Socialist Party as a candidate for Mayor. We can not let this happen. While there are no guarantees that the next elected Mayor will be any better, one thing is certain – given another mandate mr. Penkov WILL make Borko’s life and the life of his family a living hell.
Please continue writing and sending e-mails to the following institutions. You have the power to change things for the better. Thank you!

The Prime minister – mr. Boiko Borisov


1594 Sofia bul. “Dondukov” №1

The President – mr. Rossen Plevneliev – e-mail:

Sofia 1123, “Dondukov” 2

The Minister of Public Health – d-r Peter Moskov – e-mail:

The Minister of Internal Affairs – Rumiana Bachvarova – e-mail:

Sofia, 1000 ul. „6-ti Septemvri” 29

The Chief Public Prosecutor – mr. Sotir Tsatsarov – e-mail:

1061 Sofia, bul. “Vitosha” №2 room 79

The Bulgarian Helsinki Committee – e-mail:

ul. “Varbitsa” № 7 Sofia 1504

Bulgarian Socialist Party Headquarters –

1000 Sofia ul. “Positano” №20,

2/Send an e-mail or a letter to the nearest Bulgarian embassy in your country

3/ Send an e-mail or a letter to the nearest Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce in your country

4/ Send an e-mail or a letter to your Embassy or Foreign office in Sofia, Bulgaria.

5/ Send an e-mail or a letter to any major media in your country

6/ Send an e-mail to the Bulgarian Telegraph Agency

7/ Send an e-mail or a letter to the President of the European Commission
Jean-Claude Juncker – President of the European Commission

European Commission

Rue de la Loi / Wetstraat 200

1049 Brussels Belgium

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