Our wonderful volunteer and rescuer Tamara saw Nikita in a post on Facebook and immediately went to collect her.
Nikita is from the same place as our darling little Milli, the town of Velingrad. She is very obviously a pet dog that was thrown on the street, as she loves people and is constantly looking for their love and attention – most likely dumped due to her skin disease.

When Nikita arrived at our clinic she was full of fleas and ticks and is extremely weak. Tamara said she had never seen so many ticks in one place. Her little body was covered in them and the Doctors in our clinic had to take over 30 ticks off her frail little body.

Tests for canine distemper and parvo were negative, yet blood tests revealed anemia and elevated leukocytes from a fever. Little Nikita also has a skin problem – Malassezia dermatitis – a form of yeast infection of the skin, and removal of the crusts formed by her skin condition revealed a huge infestation of fleas :(

PLEASE if you can help us with Nikita’s treatment costs we would be very, very grateful. Our clinic costs are rising by the day making it incredibly difficult for us to take in any new dogs in need.

Thank you from K9 Rescue and Nikita ♥

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And if anyone would like to adopt or foster little Nikita, please contact us! Thank you ♥