Little kitten Oreo was involved in road traffic accident leaving him with severe skin injuries.

Oreo thrived and his injuries are now virtually healed after 5 months BUT since arriving into the UK various problems have been identified. Due to his horrendous injuries and skin healing Oreo is having problems urinating and it seems the new skin formation has meant his little bottom has moved to one side.

It is URGENT we get Oreo scanned as soon as possible and find out if his bladder and bowels are affected by his accident.

With all the healing Oreo had to go through, neuter wasn’t an option at the time but our vets here in the UK have said that neuter could help but this can’t be done without a scan to fully check his internal organs first.

We beg you please to help our little soldier and help his life get better once again.

Thank you in advance love little Oreo!

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