Bulgarian Street Dog Lucky, was battered and broken with multiple injuries after a serious car accident on 21st November and was left for dead. Fortunately for Lucky there was a kind gentlemen 4 cars back who stopped and took him to our clinic and asked for our help…

Lucky sustained 3 serious broken legs, a broken pelvis, ruptured bladder and fractured spine, the $400 required that night was quickly raised via the social networks and the dog, optimistically named Lucky, was given the surgery needed to save his life. With an outpouring of support from animal lovers now all over the world who were quickly captivated by Lucky’s story, the next $1300 was quickly raised and Lucky received the vital orthopaedic surgery for 3 broken legs, a broken pelvis and a fractured spine. Lucky started to recover well until 17th December when life threatening infection set in requiring further emergency surgery and care.

Since then, Lucky has gone from strength to strength, yet with continuing problems from implants not taking, he has had to have 2 further surgeries to remove implants, from both front legs and then from the hip together with specialist therapies and physiotherapy, and will need further surgery in the coming months to remove the other defective implants.

It will still be a long road to recovery for our boy, and this level of surgery and rehabilitation is incredibly expensive – yet what price a life?

Please help us if you can to pay for his mounting clinic costs so we can give him every chance for a normal, happy life.


Thank you in advance from K9 Rescue and our very precious little boy LUCKY ♥ ♥

[youtube height=”315″ width=”420″]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WDvItA9cV0M[/youtube]