As she was getting back from work our volunteer heard a loud scream coming from a small animal somewhere close. She ran looking for the animal and found …FIVE! Five sweet pups, 2 boys and 3 girls roaming dangerously close to the tram rails and allover the busy road. One of the male pups was limping but seemed ok otherwise. The little ones are so innocent and not street wise at all, their hours were numbered…

We managed to find a place in a pension where the pups will be safe until adopted – we therefore desperately need to raise the funds to get these pups ready for a new life and pay for their pension for 3-4 weeks and the food which we must provide for the duration of their stay as well as their vaccines, microchips and passports.  The amount comes to 500 euros which sadly we can not cope with alone. This is their ticket to life – and hopefully together we can help them!

Please Help! Every cent is very much appreciated..


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Thank you in advance from us at K9 and Mama Marta & Pups ♥