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Remember Marousska sleeping out in the snow, after faithfully waiting for her owner to return to the spot she was abandoned for more than a year? Well, after we were alerted to her plight, we immediately transported her to kennels in Bulgaria and here she is safe and happy on her new bed and happily tucking into her Christmas gift… probably the first Christmas present she has ever had.

Kennel staff report that Marousska is a sweet and gentle girl who is learning to play with her new little friends out of the snow in the large exercise barn at the kennels. She has some orphaned puppies to look after who love to sleep on top of her!  The staff say she is doing really well, now coming up to them for a fuss yet still too fearful to have a collar and leash which is not unusual as she bears the tag from having previously been caught by the dog catchers with a catch pole for sterilisation, and this often leaves the dogs afraid of a collar. Fortunately, the kennels have the exercise barn, so no pressure to get her on a leash, and once she feels ready to trust, we’ll try her instead with a harness. Apparently our gorgeous girl is quite the couch potato however, refuses to come out of her bed for exercise, but then once out enjoys herself so much, she refuses to go back in!!

Please see Marousska’s original story here and help us to help more dogs like Marousska come in from the cold this winter…

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