Emergency Appeal to Save Mimi’s Shelter

Mimi Mishevska runs the Macedonia’s Forgotten Dogs Sanctuary in Northern Macedonia, saving the injured, sick and abandoned stray dogs and cats in and around the capital of Skopje as well as the most vulnerable dogs incarcerated in the Government Isolators, where the conditions are heartbreakingly horrendous, with corruption rife and money for food going missing so starvation and disease is allowed to run rampant behind their locked doors.

Mimi’s huge heart however, is getting her into difficulty, as she simply cannot turn her back on desperate animals in need that she encounters, and as a result she is accruing massive debts for food and veterinary services in excess of €15,000, with her monthly outgoings for food and vet bills of €2,000 being way beyond the monthly donations secured from kind donors, so she is in a downward spiral of debt, with no means to recover from it.

This month however, her veterinary clinic and food supplier have both said enough is enough, and will not help the sanctuary further until her debt is cleared, so now Mimi is in a crisis situation where she only has enough food to see her to the end of the month and then her animals will have no food or medical supplies.

Mimi says “I just can’t turn them away, as I know that I am their only chance, without help, the dogs and cats that I save will perish on the streets, and the strays in my area that I also feed daily will simply starve to death, they will have no chance at all.”

We desperately need to raise a total of €15,000 euro’s (£12,840 / $15,820) for them to be able to continue their life saving work and buy more food and medical supplies. Please Help Us to Help Them! Every cent is very much appreciated

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Please, PLEASE help this amazing sanctuary survive ♥

With love and thanks from Mimi and all the animals at the sanctuary ♥


The number of animals abandoned to the streets of Eastern Europe continues unabated, and numbers will continue to grow as these forgotten animals breed uncontrolled, leading to enormous suffering from disease, lack of food and care.

But it doesn’t have to be this way – trap-neuter-return campaigns, and spay/neuter of the owned animal populations, whose offspring often end up being put to the streets, is a proven method of population control and reduction.

We urgently want to conduct extensive sterilisation programmes, yet to do so, we need a huge amount of support.

You can help, please donate what you can and/or spread the word – if we can get this message out to everyone, then we can do this – we can be the change.

Please see our Sterilization Project for more information.


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