This week Lucky started to deteriorate fast, with a raging infection and no sign of improvement.  Tonight, we moved him to a new clinic (Nova Clinic) in Sofia, Bulgaria, for new diagnostics and specialist care and in addition to septicemia, they found that the metal plates are being rejected by his body causing a large gaping festering wound in his front leg and on his pelvis.

He has had emergency surgery to remove the necrotic tissue to his front leg, and is now receiving life saving infusions. He is weak, yet we must do another surgery on his leg tomorrow if we are to have any hope of saving it.

We don’t know if he is going to live, his condition is critical, but what we do know is that we are going to fight for him, with everything we have got.

The clinic bill at the first clinic is at $1300, and the new surgery is going to be expensive – we know it is Christmas, and everyone is short of money, yet we ask you, please, to share Lucky’s story, so that we can at least give him every chance possible.

Thank you, from
A very sad Lucky :(