We are extremely delighted to announce that British celebrity actress Lorraine Chase is to become Patron of our K9 Rescue Charity! After hearing about the plight of a Bulgarian disabled dog called Borko being highlighted by K9 Rescue, Lorraine became involved in our ‘Justice 4 Borko’ Campaign, and has just returned from an enlightening three day tour of Bulgaria to see firsthand the plight of the some 3 million dogs estimated to be living on the streets and in shelters. Michelle Jones from K9 Rescue took the Justice 4 Borko team, which included the lovely Lorraine Chase, presenter Wendy Turner-Webster, Gavin Gamby-Boulger from Wetnose Animal Aid, Gary Edwards from Norton Animal Rescue Foundation, and cameraman Peter Fison from South West London TV, on a whistle-stop tour of the country to show the everyday suffering and hardship, that these dogs face on the streets.

A special visit to Borko was arranged. Borko who has been the centre of a Facebook campaign that went viral across the internet was beaten as a puppy, during which his back was broken, crippling him for life, and whilst still being rehabilitated, was beaten for a second time by an angry village mob. The story hit the headlines and captured the hearts of readers around the world, prompting petitions of over 100k signatures that were sent to the Bulgarian Government.

Lorraine is a strong animal rights campaigner through her love of dogs and whilst in Bulgaria became excited about the work of K9 Rescue. The Charity has a network of volunteers in Bulgaria who respond to cries for help from citizens about sick, injured and abandoned dogs as well as . Dogs are rescued and then given veterinary care until they are able to go into foster care while a new home is found in Europe and then they are transported to their forever homes.

Lorraine says “The plight of these animals makes you cry, it’s so wrong that they can be treated in this way, but it’s uplifting to see that there are people at grass roots level willing to help”.

Lorraine continued: “It will be a great honour to represent K9 Rescue as their dedication to helping not only street dogs, but also disabled dogs that would ordinarily be euthanised is truly wonderful.”

Michelle Jones of K9 Rescue, added: “We are dedicated to saving the street dogs and abused dogs of Bulgaria, these dogs have no voice and hopefully we give them that and through our adoption programme, some of them can have the life that they truly deserve”.

Lorraine is very passionate about the situation in Bulgaria, and was close to tears when talking about all the little faces wanting to be touched at one shelter, she tried to touch each and every one, not to miss anyone out, yet there just were so many. She said “I keep thinking of all those little faces and my precious Peaches”. Peaches has pneumonia as well as a skin condition caused by low immune and was rescued by the team during the tour and taken for care by K9 Rescue; she of course had no name until Lorraine called her ‘Peaches’.

“Lorraine’s support is a fantastic way of raising our Charity’s profile and getting the word out to dog lovers across the UK” Michelle of K9 Rescue continued. “Her patronage of the Charity will add tremendously to its ability to make a difference to the lives of the cast offs in Bulgaria and we are incredibly grateful to Lorraine for her support.”

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Photos of Lorraine Chase from the ‘Justice 4 Borko’ Campaign Tour…

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