K9 Rescue don’t normally do cats, but if we did, we’d probably rescue the best cats in the world… and what sweeter kitty to rescue as our first ever cat than little Oreo…

Oreo was a feral cat, living on his wits and scavenging for food when his life was suddenly and irreversibly changed by a collision with a car. The tyre went over his entire body and ripped his fur from his skin, with Oreo sustaining horrific injuries.

We rushed him to our clinic, where our initial fears of a possible bladder or kidney injury from the tyre were abated as the blood in his urine quickly stabilized and the wound started to close. He has a good appetite, purrs and wants to play all the time, such a brave boy!

Wounds like this will close over naturally, but they take time, so it will be several months in the clinic for Oreo, so if you can, please help us with Oreo’s hospitalisation costs, thank you so much everyone!

PLEASE, help if you can and share.

Every sweet little animal deserves the chance to live and for Oreo with YOUR support we can make this happen

Thank you in advance love little Oreo!

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