Mina was taken by her owners to our friends at the ARS shelter in Sofia as they wanted to leave her after they figured something was wrong with her. With the shelter overcrowded, ARS explained that dogs like Mina suffer in the shelter environment, so instead offered to help them treat her at home… They understood and left. Later that day a keeper found Mina sad and tied to the garbage-container outside of the shelter.

At the shelter Mina felt exactly as expected. The huge unfamiliar animals, the many injured, the noise, the smell – it wasn’t easy for her to adjust. She was given a little corner at the clinic so she could be closer to the vets as she loves human company where, she bonded with the vets quickly and got the nickname “Cushing” as that is the name of the illness that has been troubling her – “Cushing’s Syndrome”. However, with 500+ mouths to feed, ARS knew the expenses for Mina’s treatment could not be spent at a loss to all the other animals at the shelter.

When we heard about Mina’s plight, we at K9 Rescue Bulgaria of course had to help. On close examination our vet discovered that she had mammary swelling and inflammation together with a perineal swelling, thought to be a perianal hernia likely due to thin muscles because of the Cushing syndrome. However, during her surgery it was discovered that in fact, she had a perineal tumor, it was a sarcoma, well rounded yet fortunately without metastasis.

That was 6 weeks ago, and Mina is now fully recovered and ready to travel to her forever home, where she will need to take her cushing’s medication daily from now until forever.

But before she can leave our vets clinic, we need to raise a further $900 / £600 / 700 euro for her costs – please if you can, please help us to pay for her medical expenses and transport costs, please click on the Donation Link below or go to the Giving Page, thank you!

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And if anyone would like to adopt or foster little Mina, please contact us! Thank you ♥