josh_hydroOur, sweet, brave Little Disabled Joshua is going from strength to strength! Joshua’s spine was originally severed in two, most likely from deliberate cruelty as there was no evidence of other injury consistent with an accident. After some extremely innovative spinal surgery at Nova Clinic in Bulgaria, Joshua has now regained sensitivity of his legs and tail, with one leg able to push him to a crouched standing – something that has never ever been achieved before for a spinal case of this severity! See our determined special little man in his video below giving as usual everything at his first trial hydrotherapy session to get his back legs working again as he has lost all muscle mass from them – where his hydrotherapist believes that there is a good chance of him walking again!

And so, we need your help to ensure this very special little guy gets every chance possible to live a wonderful life. In order for us to progress Joshua’s rehabilitation we need to raise the funds necessary for his hydrotherapy and physiotherapy sessions which is costing us £70 / $118 / 86 euros per week.

Joshi also needs a new wheelchair as he no longer fits his original cart properly and is now very uncomfortable in it. With his arched spine, we would like to get him a fully adjustable cart with an adjustable fixed saddle to support his spine properly, which will cost around £300 / $500 / 365 euros.

We beg you PLEASE to help and we can assure you Darling Joshua will repay you by trying with every ounce of his little body and soul in his and our dream for him to walk again.  Thank you!

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