In a sliding doors moment, little Charlie was spotted sleeping in the snow in sub zero temperatures without any shelter.   Fearing that he would freeze to death and with no kennel space, our volunteers contacted us to ask if we could take him in the vet clinic to keep him safe, until a kennel space can be found.

Charlie is a truly beautiful soul, already having gone through a trap neuter return programme, yet as so often happens, the ear tag that is intended to show locals that he is neutered and vaccinated had become badly infected and in time, would have become life threatening.  Thankfully we found him in time before the infection had spread too far and our vet was able to remove the tag and gave him a course of antibiotics and take blood tests to check everything else was ok.

There are an estimated 40 million street dogs in Eastern Europe yet with so few shelters, Charlie is not alone in his plight and his story is echoed right across the region, with thousands of abandoned dogs walking the streets seeking their past family. With temperatures frequently dropping to −25 °C (−13 °F) through the winter, abandoned dogs like Charlie often freeze to death through the night.

It costs on average 650 euros (£512 / $800) to rescue, kennel, prepare, rehome and transport a healthy dog like Charlie to a family in Europe; considerably more if they need medical treatment. By donating today you could help rescue dogs like Charlie and give them a safe new life of peace and happiness. 
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