Last month we ran an urgent appeal for 1 year old Lilly and her Emergency Eye Treatment due to a sudden abscess behind her eye which had caused painful glaucoma.  Vets would have normally removed the eye, yet due to Lilly’s renal disease, they were unable to do so, as she wouldn’t have survived the surgery, so instead she needed very expensive specialist eye treatment, costing £2,000 (€2240 / $2630), without which, her vets said she would need to be euthanised, something we desperately didn’t want to do, as now that her renal disease is under control, she is loving life again, and is a lovely, joyful, happy, waggy tailed little girl, so deserving of her chance of happiness.

We must confess, we were a little nervous running this appeal, as it was a lot of money to spend on a little one that already has a serious life-threatening renal condition and we worried that some may think saving her would be a waste of precious funds.

Yet we really needn’t have worried at all… Lilly’s plight really struck a chord with everyone and you, our wonderful, kind hearted supporters rallied round, and between you managed to raise a staggering £1277 (€1437 / $1670) !!

Included in that sum was an amazing fundraiser by our wonderful Animal Communicator Joanne Yeoh, who did live taster communication sessions via Facebook to raise money on Lilly’s behalf and managed to raise an amazing £314 (€353 / $410) !!

And the Great News doesn’t end there… 

Even with treatment, the vets gave an extremely dire prognosis, stating that even if we saved the eye, she would never be able to see out of it, so in addition to her daily veterinary treatment, we also used every treatment we could think of: homeopathy, reiki, energy healing, laser treatment and acupressure.

And it worked!!

Lilly had her specialist eye check this Thursday and her vet is astounded!  Her eye now looks completely normal inside and outside – there is no difference between her good and bad eye – and they think she might actually be able to see from it also, which they say can not be explained medically!

Even more astonishing, is that if she didn’t have renal disease, we would have opted to have the eye removed, the prognosis was so horrific, 3 vets and an eye specialist all telling us that she would be in extreme pain for the rest of her life and no chance to save the eye, and now, it’s completely back to normal!

So hoorah for both modern and holistic medicine – Lilly’s eye is living proof that the two can work so well together and produce some amazing results :) Absolutely incredible, to say we are thrilled is an understatement! This very special little girl, is such a soldier, such an inspiration!

And thanks too, to all of our incredible supporters for also believing in us and Lilly! ♥ 

We do of course still have some way to go to clear the rest of Lilly’s treatment bills, so please do continue to support her by sharing her appeal and helping if you can:

Thank you so much everyone! ♥