A few weeks ago we had some very worrying news – our precious little girl suddenly began to lose weight and went off her food. Veterinary tests and blood work showed she was in renal failure and she was fighting for her life. Our vets have worked wonders, and managed to stabilise her condition, yet now Lilly has been dealt another devastating blow

She has developed what is believed to be an abscess behind her eye, which has pushed the pressure up in her eye to dangerous levels, causing painful glaucoma :'(

Ordinarily, the vets would remove the eye at this stage, however, due to Lilly’s renal disease, they cannot do that, as she simply wouldn’t survive the surgery, so instead she has to have very expensive specialist eye treatment, the cost of which has been quoted at £2,000 (€2240 / $2630), with £1000 already having been spent.

The vets say the only alternative is to put her to sleep, something we desperately don’t want to do, as now that her renal disease is under control, she was loving life again, and is a lovely, joyful, happy, waggy tailed little girl, so deserving of her chance of happiness.

She’s only 1 year old, we are stunned, heartbroken and worried sick for her :'(

With our donations still so low for this time of year we desperately need funds for her vet bills. Please help us to save our little darling Lilly – she is an incredibly special little girl who has stolen our hearts completely ♥

PLEASE, PLEASE help us support her during yet another tragic episode in her young life.

PLEASE, PLEASE help us ♥