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Joshua was found dumped by the side of the road in rural Bulgaria with a completely severed spine and spinal cord. Our little man was then a tiny ball of matted fur, and his eyes were full of fear yet also with hope and pleading, as if he were saying PLEASE help me. We found out later that Joshi was slowly dying from bladder and bowel paralysis as without catheterization and manual expression, infection and death was imminent.

Our incredible vets at Nova Clinic in Bulgaria agreed to try surgery never achieved before – to repair the spinal cord nerve and follow up with nerve regeneration therapy to get the two pieces of the cord “talking” again…
… and it worked! Joshua has regained so much movement in his hind quarters that his therapists now firmly believe that he will walk again!

Joshua has been having Hydrotherapy, Physiotherapy, Homeopathy and Bowen Therapy to help build up his coordination, muscles and strength, yet these weekly therapies really need to be complimented by a daily therapy, so NOW our very special little boy is ready for a very special KerDog Cart which has resistance pedals to help strengthen his legs even more, but this cart doesn’t come cheap…

We have agreed with the supplier to rent the Kerdog at £140 per month until we can raise the £1700 purchase price.

Please help us raise the funds we desperately need to both continue Joshua’s therapies and buy Joshua the KerDog Therapy Cart he needs to get him walking again…

We beg you PLEASE to help and we can assure you Darling Joshua will repay you by trying with every ounce of his little body and soul in his and our dream for him to walk again. Thank you!

Joshi has been an inspiration from day one. He has the courage and strength of a lion bless his little heart but is full of love and has a huge personality. Anyone who meets Joshua would find it very hard not to fall in love with our sweetheart immediately.




We are also keen to supply Joshua with some more items of comfort in his foster home, if you would like to send Joshua a gift, please see his wish list here, thank you!


Thank you so much
K9 Rescue & Joshua!

Follow Joshua’s progress on his very own Facebook page:  www.facebook.com/LetsGetJoshuaWalkingAgain


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