A few days ago we were asked to help with a young Irish Setter mix living on the streets of a small village.  He has a seriously injured foot.

Today our new boy we have named Ricky arrived at our clinic. His tests so far show a crush type injury to the bones in his front foot, with the injury itself infected, so he has a high fever and raised blood cell counts, indicating he is fighting an infection.  He is therefore having is treatment to wash the wound twice a day with an  immobilization bandage each time until the bones heal.

Ricky is about 12-18 months old, only 11kg and very sweet and loving, and once healed he will be looking for his new family…

PLEASE if you can help us with Ricky’s treatment we would be very, very grateful. Our clinic costs are rising by the day and without your help we simply can’t help anymore dogs at the moment.

Thank you from K9 Rescue and Ricky ♥

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And if anyone would like to adopt or foster little Ricky, please contact us! Thank you ♥