Our volunteer was alerted at 2am by this little 9 month old pups desperate cries and screams outside in the street, surrounded by a pack of male dogs who were in effect raping her :/  She was actually climbing the gate and crying to get in – away from the dogs all trying to mount her, poor little soul  :/

Kaya is now safe, yet with funds at an all time low, we desperately need to raise the cost for Kaya’s emergency spay and vaccination, which is a total cost of 174 bgn / 89 euros. Can anyone help us please with our emergency spaying costs for dogs like Kaya?

This is not an unusual occurrence in Bulgaria, and our volunteers come across this awful plight for young street females regularly, a horror that can only be relieved by active spay neuter of the street dog populations via sponsored programs which we will be implementing this year.

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