As many of our longer term supporters know, our rescue work started in Bulgaria, in 2006, when the word Animal Welfare didn’t even exist in Eastern Europe, with an estimated 3 million dogs living on the streets of Bulgaria alone, falling prey to being run over by a tram or car to sustain horrific injuries, with others falling victim to the routine poisonings, beatings and general abuse that life on the streets deals the street dogs.  10 years ago rescue was in its infancy, with no adequate shelter system, and incarceration in the Government Isolators being a one-way ticket :/ At a time before social networking had really taken off to help raise awareness, our work was incredibly tough and frustrating, with very few options available for our rescues.

Since then, the rescue and rehoming network that has evolved in Bulgaria among the younger generation is nothing short of incredible; from a sense of hopelessness as to what to do with rescues ready for adoption, to a professional service involving many nationalities with homechecking and professional registered transportation across Europe.  There is still much work to be done in Bulgaria, yet there are now many hands willing to help, and so we have since started to help with rescues in Romania and even Spain.

DSCN9691And now we have received a plea for help from a young lady in Macedonia, and we have been shocked to discover that they are in a worse position than Bulgaria was 10 years ago, with the most horrific animal rights record, and terrible suffering everywhere :’/

There are no dog shelters and only a couple of charities working in the whole of Macedonia at the moment, yet there are a lot of good young people all striving to help the stray dogs. They are experiencing all of the same problems we had in Bulgaria 10 years ago – veterinary care without proper equipment and supplies, inadequate housing, no opportunities for rehoming….  all of which means there is not much hope for those dogs lucky enough to actually be rescued from the street.

As a result, just like in Bulgaria before,  mini “refuges” have sprung up right across Macedonia, that are not classed as shelters, nor a fostering situation as there are many dogs, living both outside and inside, with outbuildings or various rooms in the house used for quarantining and young puppies.

K9 Rescue have teamed up with one of these Refuges, run by a young lady called Mimi, to help with food and medical care for the 50+ dogs that she has at any one time, and to try to relieve the enormous burden that she funds entirely from her own income. In time, we also hope to help with better facilities, to make life easier for all.

11257677_10153859585054097_593498421_nK9 Rescue believe that these Refuges form an essential part of the Dog Rescue Movement in Macedonia, and they provide a safe and kind environment where the frightened street dogs can get used to living alongside other dogs and humans in a calm, relaxed setting, and as we grow as a charity we intend to start supporting more of these Refuges in Macedonia and elsewhere in Eastern Europe.

If anyone is able to help us in this effort, by sponsoring the refuge to help us to supply food and medical aid, please consider setting up a monthly or weekly sponsorship below.  Thank you so much everyone!

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Thank you so much everyone!